YouTube Video Analytics

YouTube’s video analytics interface looks strikingly similar to the one found in Google Analytics (big surprise.)

Actually, the only real difference that I noticed between the two is the amount of features and benefits each service offers, with analytical advantage being heavily in Google’s favor.

Oh, and for all of you internet marketers out there who think that marketing your product on YouTube is a complete waste of time, I have one question for you: Are you nuts? YouTube receives the third highest amount of internet traffic globally.

YouTube Video analytics breaks the available data into three categories: Views, Popularity, and Demographics.

Here are some of the analytical features in detail:

  • Time-Line – Besides the limited value that any graph has in helping you analyze data, I really like how easy the graph feature is to operate. The scroll bar below the graph is the best part. It allows you to view specific data points of interest on the graph, like the # of visits your video had in April, which can then be stretched out to cover the width of the graph. The zoom feature in the graph allows you to view data for specific days, months, and years. The only downside to the graph is that I don’t really see what valuable purpose it serves, besides revealing that your videos typically receive more views in the evening and during the weekend. I don’t really need a graph to come to that conclusion.

  • Discovery – in a nutshell, this feature tells you how people found your video. Not very useful in helping you determine how effective your tags or headline title have been, but at least you can view where a majority of the traffic is coming from.
  • Demographics– Name another free website analytics service that gives you demographic data. Not too many out there huh? I know, I know….it only contains the gender and age range data on those individuals who have viewed your video. Yes, I also know that the data set only includes demographic data from viewers who have a registered YouTube account, which means it does not include individuals who find the video through a search engine or by some other means. Jeez your picky. It’s free! Beggars can’t be choosers.
  • Popularity – All this really does is give you aggregate data on your YouTube channel’s popularity compared to all other YouTube Channels. Not very useful for the most part. The only reason I decided to mention this feature is because I believe that it has the potential to be developed into something more useful in down the road, like compiling aggregate data on your video or channel’s popularity compared to another specific channel or video. Until then, have fun comparing your channel’s popularity to the popularity of channels who put up videos featuring a sneezing baby panda

Despite the development assistance YouTube’s Video analytics service may have received from it’s adopted parent Google, the tools and features are still rather simplistic, which makes it obvious that the Video Analytics service was most likely designed to provide just the basic data to those individuals enrolled in the partner program.

But have no fear, YouTube does have their very own Advertising Assistance program. Guess that means you won’t have to make that video of the dramatic gopher explaining your company’s different cable packages after all…


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