StatCounter offers a free website analytics package, which comes with every feature except for secure tracking, daily email reports, and the option to create a custom brand logo for the tracking device on your web page, which can all be purchased through the slightly reasonable upgrade packages offered.

StatCounter seems to be compatible with most public websites that allow you to input HTML code snippets; however, StatCounter may not be compatable with, or provide innacurate results, if you are tracking user activity on public websites that have their own free analytics service, like WordPress for example.

StatCounter also seems to have technical issues with blocking the IP Blocking feature. For example, every time I visit my own website to conduct a modification, it tracks the visit, even though I specifically added my IP address to the blocker. This technical flaw can also be extremely frustrating.

Aside from the technical issues, here are some of StatCounter’s best features:

  • Visitor Paths – Reveals the navigation path of each visitor (i.e., which parts of your website they went to) as well as the amount of time they was spent they spent in each area.
  • Magnify User Enables the user to narrow down visitors to their host name, city, ISP, # of visits, Browser, and even their Operating System. I conducted a trial test to determine how accurate this was by visiting my website from 4 different locations around Atlanta. StatCounter only gave me 1 inaccurate result out of 4, but I will cut them some slack since the only thing they got wrong was my location on one of the trials, which was still within 30 miles of where I actually logged in from.
  • Popular Pages – Provides the user with a list of their websites most popular pages, which can be customized to show rank by the amount of time that was spent on each page, or how many times the actual pages were visited.
  • Entry and Exit PagesShows the user the most frequent entry and exit pages, which of course are ranked according to their relative frequency.
  • Search Engine Warsprovides a list which shows you which search engines generate the most traffic for you.
  • Recent Visitor Activity – This is probably one of the tools on StatCounter that I use the most. It gives you a list of your most recent visitors (whom you can of course individually magnify)


One response to “StatCounter

  1. Hi Justin,

    I just wanted to drop by and thank you for your review of StatCounter – we really appreciate it.

    If I may, I’d like to respond to some of your points …

    IP Blocking
    We are actually rolling out our new version of StatCounter ( at the moment and over the last few days we did have some trouble with the IP blocking feature. This problem affected projects created over approximately a one week period but has now been fully resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Invisible Option & Custom Logo
    We give all members (free and upgraded) the option of a completely invisible counter, a very customisable counter and a choice of buttons for their website. Our members are not forced to display a counter or logo on their sites.

    In case there is any confusion, I just thought I would clarify what we mean by offering a “Custom Logo” option with upgraded accounts. This feature is mainly for our members who are website developers and track multiple sites within their StatCounter accounts.

    To make this explanation a bit clearer let’s talk about DEVELOPER who is a website developer and has designed numerous websites for various customers including CLIENT.

    Using the StatCounter user access privilege options DEVELOPER can assign special log in details to CLIENT. Using this log in information, CLIENT can log into DEVELOPER’s StatCounter account BUT only see stats for his OWN website. In other words, the stats for the other sites built by DEVELOPER are not visible to CLIENT.

    The Custom Logo feature allows DEVELOPER to display his OWN logo within the StatCounter account so the DEVELOPER logo is visible to all his clients when they log into his StatCounter account. I hope that explains!

    StatCounter works very well alongside all tracking programs… so we were a little surprised to hear that you have heard of an issue with wordpress tracking. If you have any more details about this we would be very grateful if you could pass these on to us so that we can investigate further. Please use this form and mark your comments for my attention:

    Thanks again for the review!

    All the best,

    Aodhan Cullen
    StatCounter CEO

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