Robot Replay

This website basically lets you record and watch your visitors actions. This analytical tool may not seem extremely valuable to all you data junkies out there, but you can’t deny that there is value in being able to watch your visitors actions.

The site is still in BETA, so there may be some kinks that they need to work out, but I have not had any problems with their service so far. Here is a short list of what they offer:

  • Mouse Gestures: You can record visitors mouse gestures. This feature can really help you determine if your visitors are having any navigation issues, and how easy it is for them to find their destination in as few clicks as possible (i.e., how high or low is the level of cognitive processing for the visitor) Mouse gestures should also be able to help you determine which parts of your website are causing them to pack up their bags and leave.
  • Form Replay: Lets you record and watch visitors who fill out forms. Pretty self explanatory.

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