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Social Media Marketing. A title for a concept that seems to have gone through more names than P-Diddy.

As confusing as the actual title for the concept may have been when it was still trying to find its identity, I am happy to report that it has finally been given the official title of Social Media Marketing. By the way, who is this individual that is responsible for making the final decision on what the marketing community should call a certain type of strategy?

Another complex issue about SMM is the millions of marketing professionals out there who are all apparently experts on the subject, and claim to have the secret ingredients for a successful SMM recipe. You think I am exaggerating? Type ’social media marketing’ into any search engine and look at the results yourself. Google says that there are nearly 26 million results for this word combination. Wow! Looks like I am a little late to this party.

So this means there are possibly millions of different SMM recipes out there, and millions of different ways to actually define the concept. Sounds like a spooky mystery that needs to be solved if you ask me. To the mystery machine!!

I recently asked a few college seniors, who are marketing majors, how they would define SMM, and one of them responded: “SMM is basically, like, when a marketing dude finds some websites where people are talking about stuff he can use to help him market his product, like what customers think about the potato chips he’s trying to market, or whatever”

Not bad. Well, kind of….Actually, I think it’s fair to say that this is definitely one part of the SMM process.

In my mind, there are three important Social Media Marketing Activities.

1) Content development

2) Engagement

3) Research

Content development is basically the tools that the marketer or advertiser develops to generate interest from a desirable audience within a social media website.

Engagement is basically when an internet marketer establishes a line of communication with individuals in the social community of interest. The typical goal for a marketer who is engaging any audience, like on a conversation board for example, is to stimulate conversation about a topic relevant to their product, brand, or service. Being as unobtrusive as possible is very important for this activity.

Last but not least, we have Research. Let’s not kid ourselves though about the complexity of the this process for internet marketers. The potential wealth of information that can be accessed through Social Media Resources IS NOT something which can only be accessed by those extremely talented & internet savvy marketing professionals who have mastered the “keyword science” within the mystical Google search realm. Anyone can conduct this type of research. The only difficult aspect in research is how time consuming it can be.

Continued in…….Warning: Creativity Not Included

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