The Power of a Blog: CEO Pays Attention

About a week ago, I wrote a blog post titled Everybody Loves a Peeping Tom, which addressed how effective the SMM activity of observing conversation can be in retaining your company’s current customers and generating a buzz to attract new customers.

Yesterday, I wrote a completely unrelated blog post, which reviewed some of the best free Web Analytics products that are available today, and the price you pay for “free”.

Ironically, today I was contacted by the CEO at StatCounter, who commented about my review of his product.

The intentions of Mr. Cullen’s comment to my article are obvious. I know the guy wanted to post a comment on my page so that readers could glance down at the comment and notice that technical corrections had been made to StatCounter; however, I am sure Mr. Cullen also realized that there are not many (if any) subscribers to my blog. Heck, in the three posts I have made on Sphinn, I have only received 8 Sphinn Votes, and a majority of those came from an article someone else wrote.

The truth is, I am just a small rookie fish in a giant ocean of internet marketers who have much more

credible of an opinion than I do. But Mr. Cullen didn’t care about my credibility. He wanted to address the problems I had experienced with his product, and reclaim my confidence in his brand.

Looks like some company’s do care what the little people think about their product after all. Good show Mr. Cullen. How are things in Dublin?

Here is his coment:

Hi Justin,

I just wanted to drop by and thank you for your review of StatCounter – we really appreciate it.

If I may, I’d like to respond to some of your points …

IP Blocking

We are actually rolling out our new version of StatCounter ( 8) at the moment and over the last few days we did have some trouble with the IP blocking feature. This problem affected projects created over approximately a one week period but has now been fully resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Invisible Option & Custom Logo

We give all members (free and upgraded) the option of a completely invisible counter, a very customisable counter and a choice of buttons for their website. Our members are not forced to display a counter or logo on their sites.

In case there is any confusion, I just thought I would clarify what we mean by offering a “Custom Logo” option with upgraded accounts. This feature is mainly for our members who are website developers and track multiple sites within their StatCounter accounts.

To make this explanation a bit clearer let’s talk about DEVELOPER who is a website developer and has designed numerous websites for various customers including CLIENT.

Using the StatCounter user access privilege options DEVELOPER can assign special log

in details to CLIENT. Using this log in information, CLIENT can log into DEVELOPER’s StatCounter account BUT only see stats for his OWN website. In other words, the stats for the other sites built by DEVELOPER are not visible to CLIENT.

The Custom Logo feature allows DEVELOPER to display his OWN logo within the StatCounter account so the DEVELOPER logo is visible to all his clients when they log into his StatCounter account. I hope that explains!


StatCounter works very well alongside all tracking programs… so we were a little surprised to hear that you have heard of an issue with wordpress tracking. If you have any more details about this we would be very grateful if you could pass these on to us so that we can investigate further. Please use this form and mark your comments for my attention:

Thanks again for the review!

All the best,

Aodhan Cullen

StatCounter CEO



One response to “The Power of a Blog: CEO Pays Attention

  1. As a professed and acknowledged expert on the whole gestalt of ATTENTION, I really appreciated your taking the time to write to Justin.

    I am writing on CEO’s … and would appreciate speaking with you. The CEO is in a powerful position for reasons you may not even have suspected (!?!- I am presuming here) Your personal impact in like a ripple effect, for your personal leadership style impacts far and wide…to abundant amounts of people not even in your office….
    I wonder where this message will go…I have decided on July 4th to create a quest…
    Our lives are all about attention and my lives mission is to bring that to peoples’ consciousness!
    Thanks, in advance.

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